Customers will NOT want to put their phone in a locker or on a shelf.  You need to do what hundreds of other establishments now are doing, and that is install Sit N Charge charging systems at your poker tables and table games.

If you want to play poker at a Sit N Charge table today, you’ll find them at the Bellagio, Mirage, Aria, Caesars, Flamingo, Stations, MGM, Oceans 11, Luxor, Mohegan Sun, Bike, and many more. Sit N Charge provides a safe low volt DC charging solution. We use a USB port to charge phones and tablets. USB ports are DC powered, about the same as a household flashlight.

Your customers are not going to stick around when their phones die.  Charging at their seat is the only solution that makes sense today.


We continue to develop solutions for a variety of projects.  Our new metal lock barrel USB cables can be drilled and mounted anywhere a USB is needed.  Dry walls, tables, columns, decorative elements, employee lockers, and much more.  These new cables are proprietary, as they contain a chip inside that allows charging of all phones. And, they have been custom sized to fit for all major applications.  Contact us and ask for spec sheets.

Behind each application, we power each USB with either a single USB power charger, or either our dual USB charger or our 6 port USB charger.  Call for details when deciding which systems are right for you and your location.


Install Sit N Charge’s new DC power charging system behind the bar.  Your bartenders can provide USB cable to your customers when they are sitting at the bar.  You are in control.   Customers with dead cell phone batteries leave the bar or burden your bartenders to charge their phones.  Leave the cell phones in your customer’s hands.  They can continue to listen to their favorite game while they charge.

Sit N Charge uses small USB docking stations that are installed up under and behind the bar. Less then 1 inch thick, they do not interfere with your tight spaces. Sit N Charge’s system allows a series of these stations to be placed all down the bar. No more taking phones from customers and charging them by the cash register or at some far off wall plug where the phone can be stolen.

Install it once, and reap the rewards of happy customers staying and drinking in your bar.